The statistics portion of the BCPS exam seems to deter some individuals from taking the exam. Others take additional statistics classes in order to prepare for it. Due to the issues surrounding the statistics portion this section is given individual attention.

Invariably statistics accounts for more BCPS questions than any other section. If this section is studied effectively this section should be relatively easy. You do not need to know everything about statistics, but it would be very helpful to know a little bit (the right bit) very well. The material linked to on this page are intended to help achieve this. Below is a brief explanation about each.

Statistics Rote Sheet

The Rote Sheet was created because many people were focusing a lot of effort to gain knowledge about certain aspects of statistics that was not worth the time being spent. Interpreting statistics is important and is an important part of the BCPS exam. In my experience (taking the exam) and from talking to others it is best to know the basics of statistics very well before moving into other aspects of statistics that are less common. The study course starts with statistics on purpose. The recommendation is to learn the Rote Sheet early and then keeps it handy while studying every other section. As statistics questions or comments come up within those topics then think about whether a certain test (e.g. Chi Squared) makes sense for the given study. If you do this throughout then you'll learn the basics of statistics pretty well.

Rote Sheet Explanation

This was developed when the Study Group moved online and I was no longer able to explain where the information came from and what to do with it. This explanation does that. I realize that not everybody will go to this site and people may want to transfer the material electronically so the Explanation sheet was created.

P Value Primer

This was created more recently than other documents because it seemed that some people would benefit from additional material on the p-value.


The Rote Sheet does not give enough detail about Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR), and Number Needed to Treat (NNT). These are concepts that you should know very well.The linked Canadian Medical Association Journal article is helpful.