Material Options

This study group does not provide study material except for a few supplemental statistics documents. It is based on ACCP's Pharmacotherapy Prep Course. Insurveys that have been conductedthe Prep Course has been rated as being "most useful" by more individuals than alternatives such as PSAP modules and review articles. Notably a "study group" was runner up in the number of individuals rating it as most useful. This study group therefore utilizes the preparation methods that most people consider to be the most effective.

Pharmacotherapy Prep Course

The 2011 Pharmacotherapy Prep Course can be purchasedat this link.The 2011 Pharmacotherapy Prep Course should be available in May 2012 - a link will be provided at that time. I don't offer any opinions on whether anybody should purchase both the 2010 and 2011 Pharmacotherapy Prep Course, but without access to some Pharmacotherapy Prep Course by February 6, 2012 the value of this study group will be reduced.

Live Prep Course Review

Annually ACCP offers a one-week live Prep Course at one location in the U.S. For 2011 this will be held from April 8-12 in Columbus, Ohio.Pharmacists who attend are the first to receive the Registration is already open. 2011 Pharmacotherapy Prep Course materials and have the opportunity to see the topic authors give their presentations. Soon after the live Prep Course is complete the 2011 study material becomes available for purchase. The live presentations are recorded and are available on CD-ROM or as streaming presentations as described below.

Prep Course Options

When you look atwhat is available from ACCPyou'll notice a number of options. We'll go over each of these in turn:

1. Online Course w/ 22.5 CE's and access to online presentations. This is the recommended package. It gives access to .pdf format - this gives great flexibility since you save and print them if you want. You can also access them them anytime from the ACCP website. email them to yourself, and access the ACCP education center from any computer. It also gives access to the streaming video of the presentations that were given at the live Prep Course.

2. Pring Book w/ 22.5 CE's and CD-ROM. This is similar to option 1 except you do not have online access to the study material or streaming videos. Instead you receive these in paper/CD form.

3. Online book, CD-ROM, and 22.5 CE's. This is a hybrid of the first two options. The .pdf handouts are available online, but the presentations are not - you receive a CD-ROM instead.

4. Print book, Online book, or CD-ROM. These are pieces of the above mentioned packages and are self-explanatory.

Payment for Prep Course

Every pharmacist is encouraged to ask and see if the department would be willing to reimburse for the cost of the Prep Course. Some will, some won't, but it's definitely worth asking. Some facilities reimburse if you take and pass the CE's. Ask.